Dewsbury Town Team

What is Dewsbury Town Team?

We are folks who care about our town centre. The group was started by Yorkshire Forward and now we are taking ‘Dewsbury Forward’.

Why does Dewsbury need us?

We have a great town centre but it needs lots of attention to make it thrive. We will champion positive happenings in the town that turn a vision into reality for us all.

What is the Vision for the Town Centre?

We have a Strategic Development Framework (SDF). It is a plan to make Dewsbury town centre attractive and prosperous. It’s priorities are to make the commercial offer distinctive and special, to make the centre easy to access and to use, and to make it a youthful and forward-looking place.

Watch Part 1 of the Dewsbury 2035 video

Watch Part 2 of the Dewsbury 2035 video

Read our Strategic Development Framework [PDF Document]

What will the Town Team do?

We are engaged in short term ‘stepping stone projects’ and getting organized for the long term developments that our town needs. The Town Team is a meeting place for the different interest groups and cultures of the town. It is a place for people who want to roll up their sleeves and get personally involved in making our town centre better.

Who can join the Town Team?

Anyone can join us who lives in, works in, shops in, owns property in, or simply cares about Dewsbury town centre. The best way to get involved is to come along to a general meeting.

We are a formally constituted organisation. Please see our constitution here. Dewsbury Town Team Constitution

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