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Date: 7 Jul 2012
Time: 19:30
Location : Batley Town Hall, Market Place, WF17 5DA

A Millennium Stage production.

The Larkin family live in idyllic, rural bliss; Pop makes a fortune from a variety of deals, but has never paid income tax. Mr Charlton, a young, earnest Tax official turns up one hot, May afternoon in 1957, intending to persuade Pop to ‘pay up’. ‘Charlie’ is instantly bewitched by Mariette, the Larkin’s eldest daughter, and soon falls into the ‘Country way of life’.

Tickets: £8, £6 concessions, £5 children from Kirklees Booking Offices

Kirklees Booking Offices

01484 223200/222444

Box Office 01924 324501

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